New Book By A Former Chronic Dieter Reveals The Secret To Effective Fat Burning Diets

gI_102468_Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 12.43.53 AMFrustrated with the vast amount of contrasting information available, De Los Rios, who is now a certified nutritionist and strength and conditioning specialist, set out on a mission to discover the best fat burning foods to build an effective fat burning diet. Through hours upon hours of research, De Los Rios compiled this book as an offering from one dieter to another as a reliable source for information about what a heart healthy, nutritious and delicious fat burning diet is.

With over 30 pounds to lose, De Los Rios studied fat burning diets and the science of fat burning foods like a maniac as a teenager and throughout college. What she discovered, as she points out in her book, was that the reason she was overweight, struggling to lose it and keep it off had less to do with her fat burning efforts and more to do with extremely misguided information. This misinformation is unfortunately rampant in this day and age, and it is one of the main reasons that obesity and its health consequences have been on the rise each year for decades, even though more people are actively working out and eating heart healthy than ever before in our history. In fact, De Los Rios discovered that what most people have been told so often about fat loss is actually making us fatter.

Today, Isabel De Los Rios is still at her ideal weight. She is the now the owner of a training center that she created, and it is just one of the ways that she has gone about to change others lives. In Pure Fat Burning Fuel, she reveals the exact steps she took to change from being overweight, uncomfortable and unhealthy to the vibrant, bubbly, energetic fat burning machine that she is today, without even dieting.

Packed with advice, shopping lists, detailed lists of important nutrients, and easy-to-make, delicious recipes the author herself cooks on a regular basis, Pure Fat Burning Fuel gives the reader trusted information from the unique perspective of an author who has been there on the diet yo-yo before.


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