Level Foods Tackles The Lows Of A Diabetes Epidemic

gI_82191_product-mandarin-orange-detailDiabetes affects more than 26 million people in the US alone and is expected to double by the year 2025. With more than 84% of people with diabetes taking medications to help lower their blood sugars, many are left battling the highs and fighting the lows.

Low blood sugar or “hypoglycemia” is one of the most prevalent side effects when taking diabetes medications. Most people experience an average of two low blood sugar episodes per week. Left untreated it can lead to coma and death in a short amount of time.

To treat hypoglycemia, doctors and diabetes educators recommend consuming 15 grams of fast acting glucose to help reverse the problem. They recommend treating it with glucose gel as its the fastest form of sugar to be delivered in to the blood stream to correct the problem.

Level Life Glucose Gel is the best way to raise low blood sugar fast. People no longer have to deal with candy, soda and juice that often lead to overtreatment and weight gain, said Ethan Lewis, Founder of Level Foods, LLC. We are excited to provide a great treatment to hypoglycemia that accurately raises blood sugar and tastes amazing.

Level Foods LLC., a new diabetes nutrition business is focused on treating low blood sugar faster; starting with their 15 gram Level Life Glucose Gel which is currently used by ambulance services nationwide.

Level Foods looks to offer innovative products at affordable price points that make living with diabetes easier, starting with their glucose gel.

So what are you waiting for?

Level Life Glucose Gel is available in four flavors including: Mandarin Orange, Caramel, Vanilla, Strawberry Banana and is packaged in a new single serve pouch format.

Level Foods products will soon be available throughout the U.S.

About Level Foods, LLC.

The U.S. diabetes, obese and overweight population has historically outpaced population growth. As of 2011 there were over 284 million type 1 and 2 diabetes worldwide with an estimated $ 218 billion being spent each year on it. Level Foods, LLC is a key player in this growing epidemic and offers a powerful lifetime approach to diabetes and pre-diabetes management. Level Foods products focus on managing blood sugars and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Backed by research and consumer success stories, these products allow people to achieve more in life.


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