How Can I Become Diabetic So That I Lose Weight Faster?

Question by peacelover: How can I become diabetic so that I lose weight faster?
My doctor told me I am insulin resistent but my blood sugar isn’t elevated enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. He ask me to follow diet regime and exercise a lot so that I don’t become fully diabetic. But I get tired by exercising and I feel sleepy after doing exercise and I feel like following diet is very hard.

I know some people who lost their weight because of diabetes and after losing weight they looked attractive and also led normal life despite having diabetes. So why this disease is so much exaggerated. What is wrong in having it especially if it helps in losing weight. I know my aunt lost weight without doing efforts and she was diagnosed as diabetes

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Answer by Elizabeth
I hope you’re a troll.
I’m a life long Type 1 Diabetic. Not a fat a ss like you that gave myself Diabetes. I was born this way. I am going blind because of Diabetes. I also have something called Peripheral Neuropathy that causes extreme pain in my feet, legs, hand, and arms.
With what YOU have (almost Type 2 Diabetes) the fatter you are, the faster you will get Type 2 Diabetes. Good luck losing weight with Type 2, lard a ss. It wont happen.

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