Q&A: What Are The Best Foods For Diabetics Who Are Quitting Smoking?

Question by kat: what are the best foods for diabetics who are quitting smoking?
My mother in law is a diabetic who smokes, but wants to quit without many of the side affects. She wants to know what are good snacks or meals to aid in the process of keeping her mind off of cigarettes but will also keep her blood sugar under control?

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Learn How To Cook And Eat Like A Caveman At Cookology, Recreational Culinary School

gI_64118_800px-Légumes_01Cookology is teaching a series of hands-on cooking classes on the popular Paleo diet on three separate Monday evenings from 7-9pm on June 11, June 18 and June 25.

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The goal of the Paleo diet is to eliminate processed foods, grains, and diary and replace grains with nuts, more fruits and vegetables. The Paleo Cooking Class will create simple, satisfying and healthy high protein dishes, and whip up accompanying sauces, relishes, and side dishes that will enhance traditional Paleo meals.

Each class will focus on healthy cooking techniques that are the basis for the Paleo lifestyle minimal oils, no refined sugars, and whole natural ingredients that include organic or locally farm raised meat, and in-season produce.

Our professional chefs will also give nutritional insight on the calorie breakdown of the Paleo diet versus the standard American diet. The Paleo diet requires that no more than 30% calories come from carbohydrates, the average diet consists of about 65%.

The chefs will also discuss how to select the best proteins and vegetables specifically answering questions such as why grass-fed beef is important, the differences between farm raised and fresh fish, and how to eat produce seasonally.

By the end of the series, participants will be armed with knowledge and hands-on cooking practice needed to achieve Paleo success at home.

Session 1: The Seasonal Paleo Diet Cooking with Fresh, Local Foods

Warm Spinach Salad with Toasted Pecans and Strawberry Thyme Vinaigrette

Baked Orange BBQ Shrimp

Peach Cobbler with Raw Honey Nut Crust

Session 2: Mastering Paleo Proteins

Seafood: Chipotle Honey Glazed Salmon with Strawberry Jalapeno Relish

Beef: Pan Roasted Beef with Charred Summer Vegetables

Poultry: Homemade Chicken Apple Sausage Burgers

Session 3: Paleo Meal Planning Grain-Free Side Dishes and Salads

Roasted Cauliflower Rice Pilaf with Caramelized Onions and Fresh Herbs

Red Pepper and Almond Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms over Baby Arugula with Creamy Lemon Dressing

Avocado, Tomato, and Cucumber Gazpacho with Spiced Sunflower Seeds

Several medical journals including The Mayo Clinic, The American Society for Nutrition, The American Journal of Cardiology, The New England Journal of Medicine and WebMD all conclude that a Paleo lifestyle can lead to significant improvements in health and energy.

Also, they all agree that our current eating habits that include refined and processed foods are linked to modern health ailments.

Specific studies linked a Paleo diet to health improvement related to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Others found significant improvements in weight loss relative to other diet regimens.

On one topic, many journals and doctors agreed: our current modern lifestyle of processed and refined foods is closely linked to modern health ailments. Adopting a Paleo lifestyle is one of the best ways to combat these symptoms and diseases.

Learn to make “caveman” food accessible–and delicious–in this how-to cooking course dedicated to navigating the Paleo Diet!

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The Best Foods For Diabetics On Insulin

1430823390_9ba7545017_mThe best foods for diabetics on insulin are rich in nutrients that improve insulin sensitivity. I call them “insulin promoters” because they promote more efficient cellular uptake of glucose from the blood.

Eating a diet rich in promoters enhances the effects of insulin therapy by targeting insulin resistance, the hallmark of type 2 diabetes.

Taking insulin when resistant to its effects simply won’t work. You have to re-sensitize your body to insulin with foods rich in promoters in order to gain optimal blood sugar control.

I suggest adding the following foods, rich in insulin promoters, to your diabetic diet today.

The Best Insulin Promoters

The best insulin promoters contain high levels of lipoic acid. As a powerful antioxidant, lipoic acid positively affects blood sugar control and the development of long-term complications.

It’s believed that lipoic acid promotes optimal glucose control by protecting insulin receptors located on the surface of muscle cells.

Successful insulin therapy is totally dependent on healthy receptors, making lipoic acid a key component of a diabetic diet.

It’s effectiveness as an insulin promoter is best supported by the recent approval in Germany for its use in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Foods rich in lipoic acid include:

1. Collard greens2. Lean red meats (organ meats)3. Brewer’s yeast4. Cruciferous Vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower)

I also suggest taking a lipoic acid supplement. Take the “R” form of lipoic acid. This is the more active form found in nature. Take between 200 mg and 300 mg/day.

The Second Best Insulin Promoters

The second best insulin promoters are foods rich in chromium. It’s an essential trace mineral that plays a significant role in sugar metabolism.

Chromium helps control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes and improves metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

A study of type 2 diabetics compared two forms of chromium (brewer’s yeast and chromium chloride). Both forms of chromium significantly improved blood sugar control by promoting the uptake of glucose into the tissues after eating a carbohydrate rich meal.

Fasting blood glucose levels were also lowered during a 2 month follow-up period.

Foods rich in chromium include (in order of most to least):

1. Egg yolk2. Brewer’s yeast3. Breads (whole grain, wheat, sprouted, rye)4. Apples5. Spinach6. Oranges


Insulin promoters, rich in lipoic acid and chromium, are the best foods for diabetics on insulin. If you’re taking insulin, your diet should include foods like collard greens, broccoli, apples, and whole grain.

If loaded with insulin promoters, the foods you eat could be the difference between disease or health.

The Life Extension Foundation’s innovative protocol on diabetes is a must read. It’s easy to read, describing many nutritional strategies for beating diabetes. Check it out today!

About the Author

Michael A. Smith, MD is an integrative medical doctor and staff physician for the Life Extension Foundation.

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Level Foods Tackles The Lows Of A Diabetes Epidemic

gI_82191_product-mandarin-orange-detailDiabetes affects more than 26 million people in the US alone and is expected to double by the year 2025. With more than 84% of people with diabetes taking medications to help lower their blood sugars, many are left battling the highs and fighting the lows.

Low blood sugar or “hypoglycemia” is one of the most prevalent side effects when taking diabetes medications. Most people experience an average of two low blood sugar episodes per week. Left untreated it can lead to coma and death in a short amount of time.

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