What Are The Best Foods For Diabetics To Eat?

6236708695_f1554e374c_mQuestion by dreamgirl L: What are the best foods for diabetics to eat?
My mother age 50 was newly diagnosised with diabetes and I wanted to hear from other diabetics or those who live with a diabetic about misconceptions and the best foods to eat to maintain a heathy blood sugar. Does anyone know if splenda products are good substitues? Any suggestions?

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Answer by meeomyo
My wife has had diabetes for years and we have found one of our best resources is a Registered Dietitian.We also have found that a
Weight Watchers cook book is good also.…

New Book By A Former Chronic Dieter Reveals The Secret To Effective Fat Burning Diets

gI_102468_Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 12.43.53 AMFrustrated with the vast amount of contrasting information available, De Los Rios, who is now a certified nutritionist and strength and conditioning specialist, set out on a mission to discover the best fat burning foods to build an effective fat burning diet. Through hours upon hours of research, De Los Rios compiled this book as an offering from one dieter to another as a reliable source for information about what a heart healthy, nutritious and delicious fat burning diet is.

With over 30 pounds to lose, De Los Rios studied fat burning diets and the science of fat burning foods like a maniac as a teenager and throughout college. What she discovered, as she points out in her book, was that the reason she was overweight, struggling to lose it and keep it off had less to do with her fat burning efforts and more to do with extremely misguided information. This misinformation is unfortunately rampant in this day and age, and it is one of the main reasons that obesity and its health consequences have been on the rise each year for decades, even though more people are actively working out and eating heart healthy than ever before in our history. In fact, De Los Rios discovered that what most people have been told so often about fat loss is actually making us fatter.

Today, Isabel De Los Rios is still at her ideal weight. She is the now the owner of a training center that she created, and it is just one of the ways that she has gone about to change others lives. In Pure Fat Burning Fuel, she reveals the exact steps she took to change from being overweight, uncomfortable and unhealthy to the vibrant, bubbly, energetic fat burning machine that she is today, without even dieting.

Packed with advice, shopping lists, detailed lists of important nutrients, and easy-to-make, delicious recipes the author herself cooks on a regular basis, Pure Fat Burning Fuel gives the reader trusted information from the unique perspective of an author who has been there on the diet yo-yo before.


CORI Hosts Health Seminar On CANCER & THE FAMILY Targets African Americans And Latinos

gI_79165_Dr_Hurst_Dr_BilchikWays to obtain and maintain good health and well-being within the family is the subject of, A Family Health Day: Focus Cancer, a workshop hosted by the California Oncology Research Institute (CORI) in partnership with The Global Wellness Project (GWP), set to take place at 9 a.m.-12 noon, Sat., June 23, in Fellowship Hall at First Church of God Center of Hope, 9550 Crenshaw Blvd. in Los Angeles.

The workshop is the fourth in a series of CORI programs designed and developed by Dr. Ronald Hurst, co-founder and director of clinical research of CORI, to address the various cancers that disproportionately affect African Americans and Latinos (including colon, breast, prostate and general oncology). It will include on-site mammogram screenings at no cost to participants. It is free and open to the public.

June is Men’s Health Month and we’ve asked women to bring a man they love to the workshop, said Angela de Joseph, GWP executive director. The workshop will not only address cancers that disproportionately affect the African American community, we will also have a special presentation for Black men on prostate and colon cancer. One out of every five African Americans is uninsured which is one of the primary factors leading to late cancer diagnosis.

Workshop speakers include Dr. Hurst and CORI co-founder Dr. Anton Bilchik, who will both lead the panel discussion; as well as Dr. Jenny Ru and Dr. Dana Scott.

Dr. Scott, a urologist who has been doing community outreach for years, applauds the work of Dr. Hurst and Dr. Bilchik, who have developed several health-based community workshops.

These kinds of workshops are needed for our community, said Scott, who graduated from Drew UCLA Medical School in 2005. I chose urology because cancer was disproportionately affecting my community.

Scott agrees that once a person is diagnosed, the support system that is in place is also affected.

Its interesting, said Scott. A cancer diagnosis affects everyone in the family not just the person being diagnosed. If its a man, it affects the woman taking care of him, his children, his friends and his extended family.

Scott said there are three things a family should know about cancer prevention.

Diet, exercise and regular screenings are the three things everyone needs to think about on a regular basis, said Scott. Black men should monitor their diets, watch their cholesterol and exercise. They should be getting their annual physicals and following up. They should also talk to their families about whatever illnesses they have so the younger generation can know what to look out for.

In terms of diet, Scott advises everyone to pay attention to the areas they shop in at the super markets.

My suggestion is to shop the perimeter of the store, said Scott. If you remember that and practice that, youll be sure to get the nutrients you need from fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy and eggs. Stay away from the middle of the store where there is processed food.

Scott, whose practice focuses on prostate cancer, said getting the right information out to the community is critical.

She disagrees with a recent U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) study that dismisses the need for men to have prostate exams once they turn 40.

The study intimates that screenings for prostate cancer has more risks than benefits.

I think its important for Black men to have a prostate exam at 40 despite what the U.S. Task Force recently put out, said Scott. We dont know enough to say we should stop checking at age 40. Unfortunately, when it comes to Blacks and cancer we are considered to be a high risk factor. Just being Black youre at risk. So, how can we go from being at risk to not needing to be screened at all?

Dr. Hurst wants to point out that knowledge is power.

We need to get ahead of cancer, said Dr. Hurst. We need to openly talk about ways to live with a diagnosis of cancer. My goal is to reach out to the community the best way I can, which is why I helped to develop this program.

Dr. Hurst, F.A.C.S., who is also partnered with the United States Military Cancer Institute, emphasized that getting the word out about cancer and how if affects African Americans and Latinos is crucial.

The African American community should know not to be afraid, said Hurst. Everyone should know not to be afraid. Fear becomes our greatest obstacle. Men dont talk about it or get checked because we think were invincible. As doctors, in our best state we provide reactionary medicine. We need to get ahead of cancer. Weve got to get to the people before they get cancer.

Dr. Bilchik agrees.

One of the reasons I started CORI is because I realized that we were …

What Helps Stop The Nails From Breaking?

Question by recc37382002: what helps stop the nails from breaking?
I’m a stocker and opening boxes break my nails big time. Is their something that can be done to stop the breaking or chipping so much?

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Answer by lily.ox
you can put on a hard coating
sally hansen – hard as nails with nylon
is really good as it gives the nails vitamins
and strengthens them & makes them shiny!…

Q&A: what is the best diet for a type 2 diabetic?

Question by : what is the best diet for a type 2 diabetic?
I am type 2 diabetic and my sugars run about 150- 170 fasting. I am on 3 pills of metformin and 4 glipizide per day and eat fairly carefully. Should I cut out more carbs? I eat 30 per meal with snack between of 15-20 carbs and a protein.

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Answer by Jade
You should ask this question to your physician. Don’t seek medical advice on YA.…

What Is The Best Diet For Type 2 Diabetic. Do You Have An Exact Copy I Can Get On Here And Print.?

3906022586_aefd37b8dd_mQuestion by : what is the best diet for type 2 diabetic. Do you have an exact copy i can get on here and print.?
I am looking for the best resolution to lose weight and get this diabetes under control and live a healthy life, I need a copy of an exact diet plan if anyone has one please that is filling and works.

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Answer by Vulcan
There’s the Atkins – it was developed for diabetes and to prevent diabetes. If you already have the diabetes, get a used copy of “Diabetic Revolution” off of Amazon. Atkins other book is “New Diet Revolution” – but the diabetic book might have more tips.

It is the oddest thing in the world that diabetic diets usually have you eating sugars… On Atkins, you don’t do this anymore. No sugars, very few carbs at all. So that your blood sugar levels remain constant – we hope – and that would actually be the end to diabetes.

Hard to know what will actually control you diabetes – but diet is the best place to start certainly. Atkins is a good diet – good food – people lose weight on it very well.…

How Can I Become Diabetic So That I Lose Weight Faster?

Question by peacelover: How can I become diabetic so that I lose weight faster?
My doctor told me I am insulin resistent but my blood sugar isn’t elevated enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. He ask me to follow diet regime and exercise a lot so that I don’t become fully diabetic. But I get tired by exercising and I feel sleepy after doing exercise and I feel like following diet is very hard.

I know some people who lost their weight because of diabetes and after losing weight they looked attractive and also led normal life despite having diabetes. So why this disease is so much exaggerated. What is wrong in having it especially if it helps in losing weight. I know my aunt lost weight without doing efforts and she was diagnosed as diabetes

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Answer by Elizabeth
I hope you’re a troll.
I’m a life long Type 1 Diabetic. Not a fat a ss like you that gave myself Diabetes. I was born this way. I am going blind because of Diabetes. I also have something called Peripheral Neuropathy that causes extreme pain in my feet, legs, hand, and arms.
With what YOU have (almost Type 2 Diabetes) the fatter you are, the faster you will get Type 2 Diabetes. Good luck losing weight with Type 2, lard a ss. It wont happen.